Nova Starr

Nova Starr (31) is a native of Michigan and has been charming audiences for the last 12 years professionally as a drag entertainer. Her roots began in Michigan, however the tides of fate took her to Colorado at a young age and then to NY to study at Manhattan’s Fashion Institute of Tech, and then to Utah were she currently resides. John is the man behind Nova, and he works as a independent graphic designer and jewelry maker for plays, opera’s, queens and tv shows. His work has been seen on “The Tudors” tv series, many national headlining queens, and in fine boutiques in Park City and a few other resort towns. With John’s business savvy, Nova has been worked into multiple fabulous appearances, as an Official Performer for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, a guest on the Ricki Lake Show (13 times!), HBO’s America Undercover as a featured “subject”, and multiple magazines and shows around the nation. Nova has competed in The Gay USofA system, taking the Top 12 at Miss USofA at Large multiple times, and many other pageantry systems, nation wide. In 2010, she reigned as Miss Gay International Pluss, and in January of 2011, she won the title of Miss Gay United States At Large. With her direction, reputation and creativity, the system has grown to one of the largest At Large systems in the nation for Female Impersonation.

Nova is a outspoken advocate for HIV/AIDS in Utah and around the nation. And as an open POZ gay man, John has spoken at Universities and in support groups in multiple states about living healthy with HIV and what it is to be an open HIV POZ man in the gay entertainment industry. John/Nova has worked with multiple National HIV/AIDS organizations and groups and is currently volunteering to The Diamond Foundation – a non for profit organization for children & teens affected by HIV/AIDS that provides a summer camp; Camp Kindle/Project Kindle. And other activities through the year for the kids and their families. You can find out more abou

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